Solution of Uranus-C camera background shift issue in current version of Firecapture

We received a feedback about background shift issue in Firecapture, our customer use new Uranus-C camera.

Description of this issue is : When turn up the gain, the background level will shift to right, over 500 gain, the preview become totally white.

This issue is fixed, we released new SDK and send email to Firecapture, in next version, the issue will gone. But, for FC users, if you don’t like to wait or switch Sharpcap for a while.

We still have a simple way to make it works in current version. The solution is to replace DLL file in firecapture folder with DLL in our newest SDK.

Here is detailed tutorial:

Step 1: Download newest SDK from our website :

There are 4 SDK file for 4 different operate system. If you use windows OS, only need to download Windows SDK.

Step 2: Open the zip file, find the folder “lib”, open it.

There are two sub-folders, X64 and X86. Open X64 sub-folder.

This is the DLL you need:

Step 3: Replace the same DLL file in software folder with the above one, it will solve the issue.

That’s it! Our email is

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