PlayerOneCup Round 6 winner: José Luis Pereira

#playeronecup Round 6 was a very competitive contest, a lot of great images, technical level of top 5 are really close.

Final result is:

Champion : José Luis Pereira

2nd place: Ben Law and Karl-Heinz Photoart Macek and Andrea Vanoni

3rd place: Michael Mike Barbieri and Prabhu S Kutti

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José Luis Pereira 32

Ben Law 31

Karl-Heinz Photoart Macek 31

Andrea Vanoni 31

Michael Mike Barbieri 28

Prabhu S Kutti 28

Maxi Falieres 25

Alessandro Biasia 24

Rodrigo Carvajal Aravena 24

Francisco José Delicado López 20

Gottfried Rotter 18

Tim Jensen 16

Bob Quinn 14

Eric Loyd 13

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