Player One Astrophotography Competition Round 3: Lunar eclipse

This is a series competition in every month, each of which will have a theme.

Everyone knows, a lunar eclipse happened in May 26th, many people had clear night for shooting, someone else don’t. But, don’t worry about it, this contest extend the timeframe of shooting from 2010 to 2021, 11 years image can join it. Of course, the photo taken in last month will have a plus point.

The theme of Round 3 : Lunar Eclipse

Prize: Sedna-M camera (New guiding and imaging camera)

Target: Lunar Eclipse (Images taken by other brands are also welcome to join the competition.)

Shooting timeframe: Jan,1st 2010 to Jun,25th 2021. (11 years)Rules:

1.Subscribe facebook page.

2.Post on facebook page with #PlayerOneCup Tag, upload your image, description and technical information of the image.

Timeframe of submission: Jun,1st 0:00 AM – Jun,25th 11:59PM

The judges scoring: Jun,26-Jun,29th

Announce the winner: Jun,30th.

(All thoes timeframe according to Time Zone: +0800. Free for shipping and export fees, winner need to pay import customs and tax fees)

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